Canadian Standards
Association Regulations


Current Regulations:

CAN/CSA-B354.4-02 for Boom Lifts
CAN/CSA-B354.2-01 for Scizzor Lifts


General hi-lights of current boom/scizzor regulations

4.14.3  An hourmeter shall be provided to record accumulated maintenance
4.19.1.m  Machine must have manufacturer's statement of compliance to applicable regulations
4.20  Machine must have an OEM manufacturer operator's manual in the box
4.22  Machine must have a weather proof manual/document storage box
5.1  All aerial lifts shall be inspected, tested and maintained to manufacturer's recommendation
5.2  A record (log book) of all maintenance, inspections, tests and repairs shall be kept summarized in log book and permanent records (work orders) by owner
5.3  Inspection classes, daily, periodic, annual and structural:
5.3.1  Daily inspection: approximately 20 point check list by operator
5.3.2  Periodic inspection: At least 30 point inspection plus a P.M. service
5.3.3  Annual inspection: At least a 50 point inspection plus a P.M. service  Structural inspection: Test structural and welds integrity
  (A)Required at 10 years of age and each 5 years thereafter
  (B)Required after any actual, suspected or potential damage sustained
  (C)After change of ownership unless complete service/inspection history is supplied  Above may include a visual and N.D.T. exam of components and welds
5.4.1  A (P.M.) Preventative Maintenance program shall be established per manufacturer's recommendations and included inspections in clause 5.3
5.3  A periodic inspection and P.M. must be done each 200 hours or at least once per year
An annual inspection and P.M. must be done each 700 hours or at least annually

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(Rolling/Driveable-Aerial work platforms)

Current Regulations:

CAN/CSA-B354.1-04 for:

PORTABLE ELEVATING WORK PLATFORMS  Must be secured against unauthorized use. (Key switch)
4.9.3  Controls must be clearly marked to direction of function  Emergency stop provided at both controls and operating
4.10.3  A warning device must activate at ground upon lowering (04-up)
4.11.5  Anchorage tie down be provided to attach safety harness.
4.12.3  An hourmeter installed and activated by power source (04-up)
4.18  OEM operators manual must be provided (on unit) in waterproof manual box
4.21  A C.S.A certificate of compliance must be provided in log book, inside manual box
5.1  Shall be inspected, tested and maintained to manufacturer specifications by a qualified technician
5.2  Permanent records must be kept of all inspections, maintenance and repairs
5.3.1  Inspections required; Daily, Periodic, Annual and 10/5 year structural, NDT
5.3.2  Daily inspection; Visual by operator at least 21 items, defects must be reported.
5.3.3  Periodic inspection, above +min. 13 items+ P.M. at least once/year by qualified technician
5.3.4  Annual inspection, both above + complete insp. All components + P.M. By qualified technician
5.3.5  Structural insp. At 10yr, each 5yr thereafter or a change of ownership, for integrity of all critical components, welds, certified by a Professional Engineer.
5.4.1  Scheduled maintenance program; must be established and performed at each periodic/annual inspection, record kept, all defects repaired by a qualified technician.
7.1  Operator training; only qualified and trained in inspection, application, operation and their hazards can operate. Training to include above plus at least 20 more items.
7.2  Training to include demonstrated hands on proficiency to a qualified trainer
7.3  Proof of training; operator must have proof of training card while operating
7.5  Retraining; required at intervals required by employer or ministry of labour.

All listed regulations are mandatory and enforced by the Ministry of Labour

All regulations form your legal obligations

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